Water Rights Assessment


McCurry Hydrology has undertaken the majority of its water resources projects in the western U.S., where water rights under the Prior Appropriation system plays a key role in determining where and when supplies are available.  Dr. McCurry has served as expert witness on cases in several states.  He developed a package for the USGS model MODFLOW that determines stream diversions according to the Prior Appropriation system under conditions of varying hydrology.


Dr. McCurry has completed water rights-related assessments including the following:

  • Computing the timing and location of lagged stream depletions due to well pumping and lagged accretions due to irrigation return flows or recharge ponds
  • Analyses of crop consumptive use
  • Determinations of Tributary vs Non-tributary groundwater
  • Estimates of canal leakage
  • Evaluating changes in water use under varying water availability 
  • Assessments of de minimus impacts and futile calls
  • Providing Expert Reports, Depositions, and Expert Witness testimony