Site Remediation


McCurry Hydrology has been involved with cleanup-related activities for sites with contaminated soils and groundwater since the mid 1980's, being involved with many CERCLA, RCRA and state-mandated remedial actions. These have included Feasibility Studies, Remedial Designs and remediation plans at landfills, industrial sites, fuel storage sites, tailings and waste rock mine sites. He has designed site cleanups involving institutional controls, monitored natural attenuation, source area excavation, source capping, hydraulic control, slurry walls, permeable reactive barriers, enhanced in-situ biodegradation, pump-and-treat aquifer restoration, and monitoring.


Following the contaminant fate and transport characterization studies, our site remediation-related experience includes the following process:

  • Developing remedial action objectives
  • Evaluating institutional controls and applicable, relevant and appropriate standards and regulations (ARARs) 
  • Identifying feasibility-level site remediation measures including preliminary design and siting of groundwater pump-and-treat systems 
  • Evaluating and scoring potential remediation alternatives 
  • Selecting recommended remedial actions including phasing their implementation
  • Developing monitoring programs to evaluate the effectiveness of remedial actions, and
  • Assessing pump-and-treat remediation system operational and monitoring data and developing recommendations for system enhancements to improve system performance