Climate Change Impacts


McCurry Hydrology has been involved with studies of climate change impacts on hydrology for more than 15 years, long before this became such a politically charged topic.  The field data and climate models both have become more extensive and detailed over time, but the basic predictions have changed little for many decades.


From a water supply perspective, the ongoing challenge has been to predict how changes in climate translates to changes in streamflow and changes in water demand.  Dr. McCurry has worked on both the supply and demand sides of this question in locations throughout the country.  Some of the areas in which he has developed expertise include the following:

  • Interpreting global climate model (GCM) results
  • Downscaling GCM data, including dynamic and statistical approaches
  • Using a range of hydrologic models to translate climate inputs into runoff predictions
  • Evaluating the effects of climate-affected hydrology on water availability and water diversions
  • Assessing impacts of changes in climate on changes in water demand, including changes in crop evapotranspiration
  • Evaluating potential mitigation and adaptation measures for coastal and inland settings